Plugins we use and how to make them work!

FurnitureLibary –

SlimeFun –

Type        /sf cheat         to get cheat objects


PartlyFancy –

Type        /fancy              to get fancy items


Shopkeepers –

FriendMe –

Type        /friend          for list of commands

How to Claim Land

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Candie Coded Minecraft Minecraft server

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How to Change Minecraft Version

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How to join a Minecraft Server

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Lets play!


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Starting Out

I have been playing Minecraft for a few years with my daughter. I home school her, and as a graduation gift for first grade, I bought this server.

I am disappointed that I can not have Bukkit and Forge at the same time. I spent the first day trying to figure out how to have them both. I guess I decided to go with bukkit for now.

I spent the second day installing plugins, like no cussing and portals. I figured out how to keep people from building. Today I plan to learn how to let people claim land and build there. I had no idea this would be so much reading and typing out command. I have a notebook, I am taking a lot of notes! I have to teach my 7 year old all of this after I figure it out!

I am sad to not have mods. I can not use any of my existing worlds without mods...

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Working on our server

Not much to see yet. is our server =)

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Hello Mincraft world!

Candie Coded Minecraft is a project I am working on with my 7 year old daughter. have started building a water world and she had been decorating it!

Not much yet, but it is a start.


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